29 March 2012

What a Year!

2012 sure has been interesting up to this point! Here we are nearing the end of March and so much has happened in my life. Mainly job related stuff. We found out in early January that our facility was one of 11 slated to close by the end of June this year. Soon after, we were given forms to fill out for reassignment to other facilities within the state. One month ago, I learned my fate: Martin, which is 160 miles away from home. Under normal circumstances, I would not have complained. However, the circumstances I am in are not normal. I am my dad's live-in caretaker while he undergoes cancer treatment; have been since his heart attack in 2008. So, I submitted a request for reassignment to somewhere closer, like 2 miles from home. Last week, I received a call that my new assignment came in: West Palm Beach. SAY WHAT!? That's 100 miles SOUTH of Martin. At that point, I knew what was happening and I wasn't going to succumb to their tactics. As of this morning, I am officially assigned to a facility in the town where I live. I start my new job assignment on Friday the 13th (April). In the meantime, I am assisting at another facility for a couple more weeks.


Only He could have made this happen for me and my dad!

Until next time...