10 December 2008

Wow! It's been a while!

I haven't been on here much lately. School is keeping me busy. It's a funny thing to say since I am only in 1 class per semester, but graduate school is a time-consuming aspect of life. I have been doing so much research that I feel my head is going to explode. So, I took a short trip to the middle of the country - Lincoln, Nebraska. Note to self - Never take a trip outside of central Florida in the winter again - unless it is to someplace warmer, lol. Anyway, I hoped to clear my head a little and get refocused on my term paper. Topic: The Historical Value of The Arabian Nights. Research done: very little previous research to peruse. Result: NEED NEW TOPIC! I am hoping to refocus my topic as somewhat of a biography of Harun al-Rashid and incorporate the "folkloric" Harun in my writing. Now, how will my professor take this as we are halfway through the semester. Ugh!

I will keep you informed...

01 October 2008

New Blog

I created a new blogspot called "Julie's Creations". This new blog will be devoted to the cross-stitch projects I create/stitch.


22 September 2008

Life's Journey

We are all on a journey; one that is very specific to our needs, wants, and dreams. God has placed this upon our heart and embedded it within our soul. No one really knows what journey must be taken. The only way to find out is to travel along a twisted road. A road with potholes and obstacles in our way. The following is a poem written some time ago as I embarked on one part of my life's journey:

Difficult journey

A difficult journey
Was taken
Down a long road
To find one
That would make
A difference
One that would
Be dear

It took many
Long days
And even
Longer nights
Until that one
Was found
Now the days and nights
Are filled with
A new journey

This time
The journey is different
It consists of
Making a change
Until that one
Was found
The routine was
Always new
Now the routine
Is the same

The journey
Will never
The path is
Too long

June 16, 1991

19 September 2008

God Bless Our Troops

For some reason, our service men and women have been on my mind lately. I have been reminiscing about my time in the Navy during the early 1990's. I treasure that time in my life deeply. My only regret is that I didn't stay on active duty. My life since the Navy has taken so many twists and turns that I sometimes forget which way I am heading. Then again, where in the world would I be today if I were still enlisted and serving actively?

Here is a little poem I wrote in honor of our American Heros...and also those foreign allies serving alongside us in Iraq and Afghanistan (please note that the use of "he" is not gender specific and is intended to mean both male and female):


He is there
In an unknown world
To keep peace alive

He is there
Wondering and waiting
The day will come

For the return
To his home

He is there
Protecting the weak
Protecting them all
From ruin and death

He is there
He is the soldier

January 4, 1991

23 August 2008

Lost Friend

In July I lost my cat, Emerald, of 17 years. I got her while living in San Diego (with my ex-husband) when she was a year old. She travelled with me from there to Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Lansing, and the Florida. The following poem was originally written after the loss of a dear friend of my ex, but I feel it suits this loss as well.

Black cat

Black as black can be
With fur as soft as cotton
Big beautiful green eyes
That glow as a cat’s eyes should
Playful until all hours in the night
Yet fierce when crossed by foes
Not your typical black cat
Puts all superstitions to shame
Loved by all and loved them all
Black cat remains alive
In one’s memories

November 6, 1991

21 August 2008

Recently, an old friend from high school contacted me. It's wonderful to have this friend back in my life! Funny thing is that I had been thinking about him, wondering what was happening in his life, just before I received an email from him. Here's a poem that perfectly fits the moment...

treasured memories

treasured memories
of years past
remembered friends
forgotten foes

treasured memories
of loves lost
remembered nights
forgotten days

treasured memories
of school days past
times spent with friends
laughing and crying

treasured memories
of years past

october 7, 1990

26 April 2008

Other Stuff

Ok, so I am in grad school studying History and Culture of the Middle East. My primary focus is (hopefully) going to be ancient Iraq. My goal is to one day travel to this country and be able to see all of the remains of ancient sites. For now, I hold the sailors and soldiers in my prayers.

Here is one that I wrote in the earliest hours of our engagement in Iraq in 1990/1.

memory of war

a sound of drums
beating in the distance
a smell of death
in the air

the blinding sun
sets low in the sky
another day passed
another to come

the soldiers are awake
at the break of dawn
they prepare to fight
for the freedom of all

gunfire ringing in the air
a clinging memory
to those
who were there

november 6, 1990

11 April 2008

The Sunset

Well, the sun isn't quite on the horizon yet, but it takes me back 18 years ago today to a beautiful sunset I witnessed while living in Orlando. Following is a poem I wrote in an attempt to describe how vivid it was...


The sunset that night
was brilliantly orange
it’s enough to take
your breath away.

The sunset that night
held a bit of mystery
intriguingly beautiful
all colors alive.

As time passes on
the sunset fades
and darkness falls
across this place.

April 11, 1990

09 April 2008

My very first blog!!!

At heart, I am a poet. I have written over 100 poems in my lifetime. I would like to use this blog space as not only a means to communicate with others, but to share the words I have written and will write in the future. I hope you enjoy this little corner of my world!

I think I will start off with something I have already written and one of my favorite pasttimes:

A haiku

Here I sit on you
My flowery little friend;
Shall we dance today?

September 16, 2002