25 January 2009

A Birthday Poem

My niece's birthday is coming up so I decided to make her a birthday card. I wasn't sure if I was going to write something cheesy or try to come up with a poem to describe her. I chose to write the poem...

Ariel’s Birthday

Once a little girl
playful and free
becoming a young lady
spirited, yet carefree

Loving to those
who fall in her wake
Reaching for stars
And dreams she creates.

24 January 2009

24 January 2009

Poem on love


Laughter and crying in your
Open arms
Visions of you in my
Every dream.

Lying awake at night
thinking of pleasant times
that we have shared;
just you and I.

Love can be wonderful
love can be sad
But a love that is so full
Can never be bad.

january 24, 1990

20 January 2009

Change has Arrived

What does the title of this post mean? Well, for every single American it means we are seeing huge changes happening in our country, in our social structure, and in our politics. Ok, so every four years we see a similar change, but not one as powerful and anticipated as the one witnessed by millions today.

First, our nation witnessed an extremely important and historic event...the inauguration of the first black president. To those who were there during the civil rights movement, to those who were there the day JFK was killed, to those who were there when MLK was killed, you have persevered in the biggest way possible and I, as an American, thank you!

Next, we have the opportunity to come together as a nation, one under God (whoever He is for you). There has been a lot of talk about the failure of President Bush's presidency over the past few weeks. Why do we need to look at the past and blast a man who stood up and faced the most difficult 8 years of his life? We need to look to the future.

The way I see it, President Bush did an incredible job while under extreme pressure. Eight months after taking office, President Bush faced the unthinkable and I am sure his political agenda changed in that moment. I hope that the new administration doesn't have to face such pressure.

I have visited the new website for the White House and signed up on the blog. I encourage my readers, regardless of their political views, to do the same. www.whitehouse.gov/blog

Thank God and God Bless!

09 January 2009

It's finally a new year! Last year was a very difficult year for me and my family. I am looking forward to what this new year has in store for me. I am hoping to post at least two new poems each week until my complete "archive of poetry" is up. As I have been focused on other projects and school, I haven't found inspiration in writing poetry over the past few years so what I have is what it is for now. I truly hope those of you who are reading this blog are enjoying my posts.

As long

as long as there will be
four seasons
my love for you will stay true

as long as there will be
my love for you will flourish

as long as we’ve got
one another
my love for you will grow…

January 9, 1991