23 August 2008

Lost Friend

In July I lost my cat, Emerald, of 17 years. I got her while living in San Diego (with my ex-husband) when she was a year old. She travelled with me from there to Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Lansing, and the Florida. The following poem was originally written after the loss of a dear friend of my ex, but I feel it suits this loss as well.

Black cat

Black as black can be
With fur as soft as cotton
Big beautiful green eyes
That glow as a cat’s eyes should
Playful until all hours in the night
Yet fierce when crossed by foes
Not your typical black cat
Puts all superstitions to shame
Loved by all and loved them all
Black cat remains alive
In one’s memories

November 6, 1991

21 August 2008

Recently, an old friend from high school contacted me. It's wonderful to have this friend back in my life! Funny thing is that I had been thinking about him, wondering what was happening in his life, just before I received an email from him. Here's a poem that perfectly fits the moment...

treasured memories

treasured memories
of years past
remembered friends
forgotten foes

treasured memories
of loves lost
remembered nights
forgotten days

treasured memories
of school days past
times spent with friends
laughing and crying

treasured memories
of years past

october 7, 1990