26 April 2008

Other Stuff

Ok, so I am in grad school studying History and Culture of the Middle East. My primary focus is (hopefully) going to be ancient Iraq. My goal is to one day travel to this country and be able to see all of the remains of ancient sites. For now, I hold the sailors and soldiers in my prayers.

Here is one that I wrote in the earliest hours of our engagement in Iraq in 1990/1.

memory of war

a sound of drums
beating in the distance
a smell of death
in the air

the blinding sun
sets low in the sky
another day passed
another to come

the soldiers are awake
at the break of dawn
they prepare to fight
for the freedom of all

gunfire ringing in the air
a clinging memory
to those
who were there

november 6, 1990

11 April 2008

The Sunset

Well, the sun isn't quite on the horizon yet, but it takes me back 18 years ago today to a beautiful sunset I witnessed while living in Orlando. Following is a poem I wrote in an attempt to describe how vivid it was...


The sunset that night
was brilliantly orange
it’s enough to take
your breath away.

The sunset that night
held a bit of mystery
intriguingly beautiful
all colors alive.

As time passes on
the sunset fades
and darkness falls
across this place.

April 11, 1990

09 April 2008

My very first blog!!!

At heart, I am a poet. I have written over 100 poems in my lifetime. I would like to use this blog space as not only a means to communicate with others, but to share the words I have written and will write in the future. I hope you enjoy this little corner of my world!

I think I will start off with something I have already written and one of my favorite pasttimes:

A haiku

Here I sit on you
My flowery little friend;
Shall we dance today?

September 16, 2002