06 November 2010



Sometimes I sit and wonder
Why did you fall in love with me
It’s a question that seems to be
On my mind a lot lately
Your bright smile and tender hugs
Fill me with a passion
That I never knew was there

Sometimes I sit and wonder
Is this too good to be true
We really have no differences
But those we do have
Are not hard to miss
And the faults that we have
Are really not hard to overlook

Sometimes I sit and look at you
And it’s really plain to see
I fell in love with you
And all the reasons why
I cannot live without you
For if I must I’d surely die


01 November 2010

Natures Beauty

natures beauty

fields and fields
of wildflowers so gay
dance in the winds
in the early spring day
they run and they play

oceans and oceans
of waters so blue
what a beautiful painting
what a beautiful day

mountains and mountains
of hills so green
flatlands and grasslands
what a vision to see

so many things
in this world to see
so many things
in this world to love

December 14, 1990