25 April 2010

Lessons in Life

Life Lessons

Sometimes you have to make mistakes
That is the only way you can learn
Everyone makes mistakes during their life
Not everyone will learn from them.

Life lessons can be painful
They can also be welcoming
Life lessons can push you down
But you have to bring yourself back up.

Sometimes the mistakes you make
Are silly and so mundane
Other times those same mistakes
Can put you to your shame.

Life lessons can be burdensome
They can weigh heavy on your heart
Life lessons can push you down
And it seems there is no way up.

Sometimes you have to make mistakes
The biggest of them all
And hopefully you will learn to deal
With painful lessons in life.

25 April 2010

13 April 2010

Wesley Chapel Art Show

I want to share with you one of the artist’s I met at the Wesley Chapel (FL) Art Show over the weekend. His name is Rob Kaz and you can visit his website here. What drew me to him was a rather large painting of a frog. Now, the frog lover that I am, I had to step into his booth and browse through the prints he had for sale. I wound up purchasing two of them: “Nightlight” and “Hey You”. There was at least one other, but I painfully passed on it this time. Please take a moment to check out his website and Gallery to view his artwork and especially the pieces that drew me to his booth.

With that said, I wrote a children’s book several years back tentatively called “Froggy Frog meets Slimey Snail”. The only thing lacking are the illustrations; a good friend of mine offered to assist in the artwork. It is actually a book that could very well turn into a series and will most likely include educational packets geared toward the first and/or second grade. As a poet, I was wary about sharing this little story with anyone as I didn’t think it compared to my poetry. It was a former teacher’s assistant who suggested the educational packets/lesson plans and marketing toward a specific age group. Thank you to her for that insight! I have had nothing but good comments, but for now I will leave it a mystery as I don’t want my work taken from me.

Here is a short excerpt to whet your appetite:
“Froggy lived in a pond.
His favorite spot was on a lily pad.
From his lily pad, Froggy could see the whole world.”
Last year, during the April Poem a Day Challenge, I wrote a haiku about this character. I will repost it here:
Froggy Frog
Froggy Frog is here
Sitting on his lily pad;
Where is Slimey Snail?
April 21, 2009 ~ Haiku

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