20 April 2011

Poem A Day Challenge

Sorry folks! I am finding myself at a loss for words at the moment. I promise to get caught up in the next day or so on the prompts. I think my brain is on a wee bit of overload between my dad’s doctor appointments and this busy Easter week. I am working everyday this week and most of the next two weeks (for prom and Mother’s Day) at the flower shop. For now, I will leave you with an older poem of mine:


Roll around


As we roll around

In the fields below

Our love becomes

As intense as the storm


As we roll around

In the bedroom at night

Our passions turn into

White hot ice


As we roll around

In our lovemaking play

Our desires expand

And I want him to stay


February 18, 1991

16 April 2011

Poem a Day ~ Days 14, 15

I should be caught up tomorrow. But it’s also a holiday week at the flower shop, so I may lag a bit still.




Spppp, spppp, spppp

Or so the whispering goes

There is nothing worse

In this world

Than a gossip

Spppp, spppp, spppp

That’s the story of the day

A big ‘ole gossip

Just whispered it in my ear.

Spppp, spppp, spppp

As it’s whispered in my ear.

Please don’t tell me

‘Cause it ain’t none of my business.


16 April 2011 ~ PAD Day 14 ~ “Ain’t none of my business”



About Me


Oh, please read this little bit

It may just be a hit

But that’s what they always want

Just a little about me.

I like to use the Facebook,

But more to play the games.

So what do I write in that space?

You know, the one that says “About Me”.

Well, I like to read and write.

I take some photos too.

But cross stitch is a big hobby

That I thoroughly enjoy.

So there you go,

What can I say?

Just a little tiny bit

About me.


16 April 2011 ~ PAD Day 15 ~ Profile poem

13 April 2011

Poem a Day ~ Days 12, 13

The object for Day 12’s prompt was to write a poem using some form or anti-form. After much reading on the different forms, and contemplating trying to write a courtly love poem based on the Arab tradition, I chose to write a freestyle…for lack of better words!

Where are the words?


I don’t know what to write


The words don’t seem to come.

So this will just be short and


To write a few words for you.


13 April 2011 ~ PAD Day 12 ~ Poem Form



Lingering Embrace


Your eyes embraced me

The moment we met

And held a special friendship

That only I could see.

Your smile lit up the room

As we held hands

Your grip was firm yet loving

That only I could know.

Though we’ve been apart

For many years,

The memory of your embrace

Lingers in my mind.

11 April 2011

Poem a Day ~ Days 9, 10, 11

I got a little behind on my poeming this weekend, but with good reason (see previous post about father). Here are my three poems for those days, respectively:

8:01 p.m.


“How I Met Your Mother” is now starting

Not one of my favorite shows,

But something to have on in the background.

I much prefer “Mike & Molly” and

“Two and a Half Men” ~

speaking of, can you believe they

have been moved to 9:30 p.m.?

And on that note, it is now

8:02 p.m. and I must go…


PAD Day 9  



Never Again


Never again will I find myself

So involved in family squabbles

That I find myself sick over it.

Then again, maybe I will.


PAD Day 10  



Maybe Tomorrow


Yeah, that’s something we hear a lot

“Maybe tomorrow he’ll come home.” Or

“Maybe tomorrow I’ll get those shoes.”

How about

“Maybe tomorrow we’ll find some peace.”

“Maybe tomorrow…” is a phrase

that is so overused in this world.

So, maybe tomorrow I will stop using it.

PAD Day 11

10 April 2011

It's been a rough two weeks

I took my dad to the emergency room almost two weeks ago. I am hoping he comes home tomorrow. Me and the cat sure miss him around here. Yeah, I said it. I miss him when he's gone too long. Anyway, he went in with fever and body aches. The ER doc thought it was pneumonia. Later in the morning, the floor doctor came by and said it wasn't and ordered a CAT scan. That didn't reveal anything so a colonoscopy was performed on Wednesday (the 30th). That doctor found a mass where dad had been having inflammation issues (he was diagnosed with Crohn's earlier this year after his first ever colonoscopy). Well, surgery was scheduled for last Sat morning to remove the mass. The surgeon also biopsied some spots on his liver. He has Stage IV Colon Cancer and it has spread to the liver (only reason it's classified as Stage IV). The spots are cancer but not tumors from what I am told. Chemo will begin in a couple weeks after he has time to heal and build strength. The oncologist seems optimistic about treatment, but we will get a second opinion soon.

I know he will be happy to come home too.

08 April 2011

Poem a Day ~ Day 8 ~ Celebration

the Sun


I eagerly search for you

And await your arrival

You always bring a smile

To my face

And warm my soulPA220299


The time draws closer

And my patience grows thin

As I begin to see a glimmer

Of you from afar


You peek out at me

From behind the clouds

And my heart skips a beat

As I feel your smile shine down

On me


I celebrate you, the Sun

Each and every day that you

Share your radiance

With me and embrace

My face with your warmth

07 April 2011

Poem a Day ~ Day 7 ~ What if?

What if?

What if he had gone to the doctor
When all of the stomach problems began
Would they have caught the disease
Early enough?

What if they caught the disease early enough
And he began treatment sooner,
Would he have cancer

What if he takes the chemo
Giving him a chance to live longer
Will he be around two or three
Years from now?

What if my dad died tomorrow,
Would I survive?

06 April 2011

Poem a Day ~ Day 6 ~ Don’t _____, _____

Don’t Die, Live


The results came back today

They are not that good, nor are they dire

They say you can fight this

And may not die, but live


They say there’s no cure

But there never seems to be a cure

And people live for years with this

A full life, a happy life


The results came back today

And we were told it is cancer

It is in the liver too – there is hope

So, don’t die, live

05 April 2011

Poem a Day ~ Day 5 ~ Goofy/Serious

My Hero


The trolley went by

For all of the visitors to see

The characters each in place

Waving as they passed by

Then she saw him,

The one with the toothy grin

And she knew she had to have

A picture of him

So she turned to her man

And gave him the camera

Telling him to run and capture

That Goofy on the back of the trolley!

04 April 2011

Poem A Day ~ Day 4 ~ Pick a Person

The Florist


The stems are carefully selected

Each with a purpose to share

As if delicate pieces of silk

They are placed into the vase.


The colors on each stem are vibrantDSCF0092

And tell of the season ahead

As if they share a secret while

Snuggling next to each other.


As the vase begins to fill

With the colorful stems chosen

The florist begins to smile

At the creation she has made.

03 April 2011

Poem A Day ~ Day 3 ~ The world without me

The Decision


The news is not good, dire in fact

And a decision has to be made

Is she really ready to become a mother

At such a young age?

The child was an accident, afterall

And the reason she had to get married.

Is this truly God’s will or do I get to choose?


The decision has to be made very soon

Whether to save this unborn child or not.

The young mother is at a crossroads

And can’t seem to make this decision easily.

The doctor explains that this new drug

Will stop her from losing this child.

The question is, does she really want it.


The decision is made to take the injection

And pray that God will see her through.

But what if that decision was not made?

My life would not exist as it does today.

Did the young mother make the right decision

That fateful day all those years ago?

I’d like to think so, because she is my mother.

02 April 2011

Poem A Day ~ Day 2 ~ Postcard


Just like the name implies, it’s been breezy!

The sun is shining high and the air is warm.

Wish you were here to share

All of the beauty this land holds.


01 April 2011

Poem A Day ~ Day 1 ~ What got me here?



The road has been long

Many hills and valleys

Rivers and streams to cross

Winding my way

To get here, where I am


There have been many hats worn

As I traveled this path

Love and laughterimages

Tears and pain

To get here, where I am


I have felt heartache

Along this weary road

Much more than one

Should ever feel

To get here, where I am


I am now at a crossroads

Trying to choose

The right path to follow

To get there

Where I am going