21 March 2009

Sweet Rose

Sweet rose

the smell of sweet roses
always remind me of you
they bring back those fond memories
of walks through the park
and talks by the bay

with the stars in the
sky by the moon
and the sun in the
sky by the earth
what more
could a person ask for
besides the love from you

memories of a time
not long ago
when we first met
on that odd and
wonderful day

august 16, 1990

10 March 2009

Thoughts of You

thoughts of you

the life inside of me
is growing wilder
with every breathing minute
the love I feel for you
is the root of it all
I cherish the times we spend together
because we never know
how long we have...

as the days pass
while you are away
I reflect on the times
we have spent together
those memories are never
far from my mind
they are very dear to me
so i’ll keep them alive
until the day you return...

...for you will be mine
my love for you
is growing stronger
with each passing second.
I can see an image of you
whenever we're apart
reaching for the sky
I pray you'll be alright
and return safely home tonight

I think of you often
for the wild life in me
and my strong love for you
make the days seem
shorter and shorter
until they are one
and your return
will be soon

august 6, 1990