15 July 2009

Mrs. Beasley

For the Poetry Challenge 2009 I wrote a poem about my cat, Mrs. Beasley. At this time I want to update my readers to the event of her untimely death. Recently, Beasley became extremely ill. All of her blood work came back normal, with the exception of a little toxicity. She was hospitalized for several days to receive IV fluids and antibiotics. After several days, I brought her home in hopes she would soon return to normal. Alas, she deteriorated even more. While the exact illness is unknown, it was hard to watch her health decline to a state where she could no longer walk or stand very well. I did the humane thing and took her to the vet to be taken care of. I have probably gone through all of the stages of grief, but am still so very sad that she is no longer with us. I miss her deeply, but I am thankful for the time we had together. Right now, I am trying to let my heart heal from her loss (and realized that I am still grieving the loss of Emerald; she died after 17 years last summer).

Mrs. Beasley

Some might think she’s a doll

Just by hearing her name

In reality, she’s a cat

Yet a doll just the same.

I went to adopt a new kitten

When I lost my dear old friend

(I had her for 17 years)

I had my heart set on another

But she chose us instead.

When the kennel was opened

She leaped out with a bound

I watched in amazement

With the bond that she found.

Mrs. Beasley is now

Just shy of a year

She’s fun and she’s playful

And has filled a void right here.

(On July 6, 2009, Mrs. Beasley succumbed to an unknown illness.

Rest in Peace Baby Girl!)

April 4, 2009 ~ Animal Poem


Lili said...

I'm so sorry for you... Something very similar happened with my cat in 2000, Plum. And we did the same as you. The vets never could understand what happened.
This might sound shocking, I guess, but you can never recover from a pet's death. The one companion that's been with you day and night, listening, looking and never judging, always trusting (and what a responsibility), always eager to be in your company. How can you forget about them?
I am forever filled with the pain of the loss of my cats (five and I have two left) and my dog.
And I just hate being told I'm lucky because my family's OK. Sure I am lucky, but I'd feel luckier if my pets wouldn't die so young.
And they've all been taken very good care of, good food, vaccines, sterilization, everything you could do.
I don't understand that "fate". But I will never regret having my pets, even for the loss, because I have chosen love despite all.
My hearts' aching with yours, Julie.

Julie said...

Thanks, Lili!