16 April 2011

Poem a Day ~ Days 14, 15

I should be caught up tomorrow. But it’s also a holiday week at the flower shop, so I may lag a bit still.




Spppp, spppp, spppp

Or so the whispering goes

There is nothing worse

In this world

Than a gossip

Spppp, spppp, spppp

That’s the story of the day

A big ‘ole gossip

Just whispered it in my ear.

Spppp, spppp, spppp

As it’s whispered in my ear.

Please don’t tell me

‘Cause it ain’t none of my business.


16 April 2011 ~ PAD Day 14 ~ “Ain’t none of my business”



About Me


Oh, please read this little bit

It may just be a hit

But that’s what they always want

Just a little about me.

I like to use the Facebook,

But more to play the games.

So what do I write in that space?

You know, the one that says “About Me”.

Well, I like to read and write.

I take some photos too.

But cross stitch is a big hobby

That I thoroughly enjoy.

So there you go,

What can I say?

Just a little tiny bit

About me.


16 April 2011 ~ PAD Day 15 ~ Profile poem

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