07 February 2009

The Beat of Love

The Beat of Love

Every single beat is an
Anticipation for love
Yearning for someone
Searching for the one

The heart is a strong
And wondrous muscle
Pumping rythmically
To the beat of a song

Every time it pumps
The heart makes us aware
Of the life that He gave
And the love that we share.

In celebration of National Heart Month

7 February 2009


Lorrie said...


This poem is wonderrful. La Sha is my cousin. Thanks for writing this so she could post on her blog. You have a wonderful gift with your writing.

La Sha said...

I love the poem! Thanks again so much. I'm sure my readers will love it too.

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Wow- awesome poem!

Julie said...

Thanks again to all!