05 February 2009

Grandma's 85th Birthday

I can't believe I forgot to wish my grandma a Happy Birthday yesterday! I miss her so much and still can't believe she has been gone almost 16 years now. She is the woman who I learned from the most during my childhood as my mother was a single parent, raising two children, working full time and going to school to become a nurse. Grandma was like a mom to me most of those days. A couple of years after her death, I wrote a couple of poems for her. I will post one here...

My grandma

She made me laugh
She made me cry
And made me laugh again

She taught me values
She taught me love
And her fiery spirit too

She showed me music
She showed me literature
And showed me love once more

She gave me strength
She gave me honesty
My grandma gave me life

The one thing that
I wish she taught me
Was how to get through life
When she was gone

In loving memory of Barbara Anne Langlois
February 4, 1924 – May 2, 1993

July 15, 1993


La Sha said...

Your poem was Beautiful!

Publishing never even crossed my mind. I really never even posted about my heart disease. I recently signed up on Facebook and found a lot of old friends and most of them didn't even know I was sick. So instead of telling the story over and over I decided to blog it. Plus friends and family are always asking me how I'm doing, this gives me an oppurtunity to post updates on my health. So I decided to tell my whole story and what better time then the month of Feb. National Heart Disease Awareness Month.

La Sha said...

If you would like to write a poem about the heart as an organ and as a figure of love and life I would post it on my blog and give you credit and link it to your blog.
It's up to you. I don't want you to feel pressured. Just as long as you do it this month. Just email me the poem if you'd like to do it.